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Automatically Send Customers an SMS when ready to be served!

Why use SMS Virtual Queues?

A revolution in business and customer relations

SMS Virtual Queuing Systems provides a unique, modern, personalized way of managing customers wait time. Increase customer satisfaction & boost your productivity whist reducing employee stress through the use of SMS QMS technology. Don’t make your customers wait in a queue!

Please book a time now for more help with setting up your account or dive in and try it out for yourself. A Trial account is available to test for a long as you require from our homepage.

Why not have customers join via a custom branded iPad Kiosk. Collect valuable customer data, let them decide what to do in the extra time they have and control the length of their wait time.

Customers will get an accurate wait time forecast and position in the queue & get notifications when it gets close to their time to be served. Customers can also join via SMS, via the web widget, App, Kiosk or in person at one of your service touch points.

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Customer Self Service

Cut Salary Costs!

Save $40,000 or more per year on staff wages by setting up a customer self service check-in kiosk. Customers leave their details and manage their position without any staff assistance.

Capture - Name, mobile/cell, number of guests, special requests or children, email & phone. Custom designs and custom data capture are available on request.

Display - Average wait time & number of customers in queue to give your customers the answers they want.

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Display your queue on any screen size

Keep your customers informed

Display your queue details on any screen size, iPad to a jumbo screen. Make it easy for your staff to keep up with queue progression and average waiting time while keeping your customers informed avoiding frustration

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Customisable for everyone

We offer custom plans to suit your business, please contact us for more information

Reduce overall customer wait time and perceived wait time, customer & employee stress. Allow your customers to have the freedom to stay in the queue wherever they go & give them set time to get back.

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Worldwide No Worries

Want a local reply number from your country? Easy just ask.

Placeholder of Your Feature

Our systems work no matter where you are in the world, it will send a SMS with your local area code for that personalised touch for your customers

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MMS (Coming Soon)

Content rich MMS available very soon

With MMS functionality coming soon. You will be able to easily contact your customers at all times with messages specifically branded for your business

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Queue Management Marketing Evolved

An easy way to appeal to the people who matter most

A Marketing Database will be created before you eyes everyday. It will capture emails, mobile/cell numbers, first and last name, mailing address or any other data you require to import into a one click campaign manager for future email or SMS marketing campaigns.

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Simple Pricing

Packages For All Businesses, Free For Small Business

  • Trial as long as you like!


  • Employee Limit

    1 x Employee

  • Included SMS

    100 x Free SMS to test with

  • Queue Limit

    1 x Queue Only

  • Free Small Business Account

    Free for small Business

  • Customer Data

    Downloaded One Click Reports With All Your Input Data

  • Free trial
  • Pay As You Go


  • Employee Limit

    Unlimited x Employees across all locations

  • iPad Customer Self Service

    Save on labour costs, customers join via a self serve kiosk

  • Queue Limit

    Unlimited Queues

  • Corporate Branding opportunities

    Custom Graphics & Branding opportunities

  • No Lock in Contract

    PAYG, no contract, no strings just simple pricing!

  • Customer Data

    Download one click reports with all your input data

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WhyQ was awarded with not one, but two of the prestigious FinancesOnline awards. We won their Great User Experience Award for 2016 and the 2016 Rising Star Award for their Appointment Scheduling Software. As you can guess, our app�s ease of use and up coming potential was recognised both by software experts and customers alike, we are thrilled by the recognition!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions.
Feel free to contact us for more information

1. Why use WhyQ?

WhyQ is about giving time back to your customers and clients. Giving them the ability to manage their waiting time & make the most of their day thus reducing the need for extra waiting areas in your business. Save on staffing costs and increase custom satisfaction, they will appreciate it!

2. Who can benefit from WhyQ?

Any business who often has clients waiting for meetings or consultations. Hair dressers, doctors offices, banking institutions etc

3. How easy is the system to use/Does it require staff training?

The system is designed to be as easy as possible for all users, this accessibility makes it extremely easy for all staff to use the system without any steep learning curve. All you need is a computer and web access.

3. How do customers join the Queue?

Customers can join via, your businesses website, sending an SMS from their mobile/cell to your queue, IOS or Andoird Tablet Kiosk System (Customer Self Service) or direct into your queue via a staff member.

4. Does WhyQ require the customer to download an app?

No, since we service is entirely based on SMS messenger services, as long as the customer has a phone that accept and reply to SMS messages they are ready to go!

5. Does WhyQ require the customer to have a smartphone?

No, Why Q will go to any phone as long as it recieves SMS messages.

6. What queuing options can I give the customer?

While our system is highly customisable, the main options for the customer once they have joined the queue are,

a) Check their position in the queue

b) Check the estimated time before they will be required back

c) Request more time

d) Leave the the queue

Any more questions feel free to

Get in touch with us

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